Designed by the experts

Using 30 years of world-class experience making emergency response systems for the Department of Defense, airports and Fortune 100 companies, we bring you OnCall Defender - individual survival wherever you are located.  

Why you need OnCall Defender!

Throughout the U.S., local responders are overwhelmed.  Your emergency call may never get answered.  We make sure that local responders prioritize your situation!  Whatever your problem - you're protected!

Tested and Proven

Long-term tested on iTunes, the OnCall Defender parent company, AMP, is a proud member of StartUp Health, an elite group of health transformer companies changing the world of medicine and population health, an off-shoot of the Biden Cancer Moonshot - a White House Initiative.


  • Fred Newman, CEO, Founder -   30 years providing emergency response solutions for the Department of Defense and critical infrastructure globally  
  • Marsha Newman, President, Founder   30 years leader in technology and strategic planning in the emergency response systems industry   
  • Allan Liers, SVP -  Alarm company ownership, emergency response systems expert  
  • Dr. William Maliha, Advisor -  Former Medical Director, State of New York Hospital Bio-Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness, personal physician Saudi Royal family  
  • Robert Goff, Advisor -   Former CEO, University Physicians Network, NYU Langone Medical Center  

Coming Soon

We're upgrading and expanding our products to get you the best personal emergency response plan right in your smartphone.  We're partnering with the best people and companies in the world.