Our story is simple. Over the span of twenty years, we created the blueprint for emergency response technology that has been utilized for military bases, maximum security prisons, airports and nuclear facilities globally. Our work has helped some of the most sensitive and vulnerable places - areas where there is no room for failure. When a crisis occurs, we only have seconds to react. The world has rapidly changed, but some of its technology has not kept pace. Traditionally, we know to dial 911 if we’re having an emergency. Our experience in security dictates that most 911 calls often end in a lack of crucial information and communication. This can often result in an overall failure for a successful resolution to your crisis. In most emergencies callers may not know where they are, due to the intensity of the crisis. And in some cases, the caller cannot speak or is at a loss for words. That’s why we designed emCall. With just 3 taps your emergency is immediately sent to our 5-Diamond professional alarm monitoring center where our operators go into action to get first responders right to your location with your personal information. When sending a medical alert, emCall's unique patent pending method of relaying your personal medical information to first responders eliminates errors in communication and language discrepancies, also saving you critical moments in your emergency and increasing your chances of a successful resolution.


Fred Newman

Co-Founder and CEO

30+ years in the high-level, high-tech electronic security and emergency response systems industry, including law enforcement experience in counter-terrorism.
Creating emCall was not a whim or just a personal reaction to an episode for the AMP team. Founder/CEO Fred Newman is a pioneer in the early breakthrough of innovative design, engineering, manufacture and deployment of international award winning advanced high-tech emergency response systems. emCall is the result of decades of experience and expertise protecting millions of lives and billions of dollars of vulnerable assets, including military bases, prisons, and other critical infrastructure around the world. Fred also holds U.S. and foreign patents in security, emergency support and healthcare technologies.

Marsha Newman

Co-Founder and President

25+ years in the high-tech electronic security and emergency response systems industry.
Marsha’s contribution to the architectural design and development of award winning high-level integrated security and emergency response systems includes decades of protecting high vulnerability military and nuclear facilities, prisons, airports, and private industry facilities in transportation, automotive and critical communications infrastructure. Marsha’s global experience and expertise was a key contributing factor to the conceptualization and development of emCall, taking multi-million dollar emergency response technologies and forging the most advanced iOS and Android mobile emergency response system found, giving the power to live fearlessly for everyone. Marsha holds a patent in health monitoring and emergency support technologies.


We want you to live fearlessly. emCall wants every personal emergency to have a successful resolution. We decided it was time to put the power of emergency response in the hands of the people. We took the sophistication of the multi-million dollar emergency response systems we created for maximum security prisons and military bases and brought it to the general public. Not developed from a whim, our team is the only one to bring decades of experience and expertise in emergency response technology to the Apple and Android smartphones. Security shouldn’t just be for multi-million dollar companies, it should be for everyone. We have accomplished this with emCall, which is why “Live fearlessly” is our motto.
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