With just three taps, emCall allows you to receive precise help in your emergency. Live fearlessly knowing you’re only 3 taps away from receiving the help you need.
Available for both iPhone and Android phones. Coming soon: emCall for the Apple Watch.


emCall empowers you to take charge in a medical or personal security emergency. We’ve got your back. Busy people have busy lives. No matter what you do, emCall wants you to have peace of mind - knowing that if an emergency happens we have the most advanced technology to support you.


Arm emCall by tapping the emCall icon on your smartphone. Then tap the blue medical alert button or red panic alarm button three times within four seconds. Your alarm is immediately sent to our 5-Diamond professional alarm monitoring center that has first responders sent to you.
If you send a false alarm, you will have fifteen seconds to enter your password and cancel.
If you don’t cancel in time, you can tap the green button to call the alarm monitoring center and give the “Safe Word” you created to the operator to cancel.
Auto-Lock Override allows your phone’s display to stay on when emCall is armed.

Get the most out of emCall

emCall is designed to adapt to your lifestyle. We’re your trustworthy tech companion that you take wherever life takes you. When an emergency situation strikes, every second counts. That’s when emCall is at your fingertips to get help from the nearest first responders - putting you in a much better place for a successful resolution.

Because nothing should stop you from living your best life

Chronic illness and emergencies can strike at any moment. emCall places you in a position of power and advantage over whatever emergency may occur, allowing you to go out into the world with peace of mind. Even with chronic or severe illness, emCall has got your back with the most advanced emergency response technology just three taps away.

Your medical information is securely stored on a HIPAA compliant, SOC 2 TYPE II and SOC 3 TYPE II certified, HIPAA and HITECH audited server designed to secure and protect critical healthcare data.